Why I’m Running for State Senate

The people of SD-27 deserve a choice in who represents them — someone who cares about the hopes they have for the future of Southwest Florida and will fight for the issues that matter to them, like clean water, rather than cater to special interests in Tallahassee.

These hopes are reflected, not in empty campaign slogans, but in the actions I’ve taken and the issues I’ve fought for since my first day in office.

Support for our veteransrights for gun ownersprotection of our waterwaysthe war against human traffickingcracking down on illegal immigrants and the corporations that profit from their cheap laborgreater awareness of mental health issuesempowerment for young womenbusiness deregulation and healthcare transparency.

When Covid-19 struck, I was the first legislator in Florida to launch a countywide Helpline, available 24/7 to all citizens and residents. As we emerge from the crisis, I am refocusing my team’s efforts on rebuilding the local economy and getting Florida and Floridians back on their feet.

I have fought for these issues with conviction, tenacity, and pragmatism – snubbing partisan politics and special interests to focus on what needs to happen to get things done for Florida.

I have stuck my neck out repeatedly to do the right thing, even when my actions drew fire from my own party. I am not intimidated by power, and I have never shied away from confrontation.

Now it’s time to take this fight to Tallahassee. Our best days are ahead of us, but we need effective representation to ensure that the voices of decent, hardworking citizens, families, and small businesses are heard in the corridors of power.

I believe I have proven myself worthy to be that representative. That is why I’m running for State Senate, and why I am asking you for your support to get there.

Let’s Rebuild Together. The Sunshine State’s brightest days are still ahead of us.